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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Chaoen 2.0

So with just two weekends left in Morocco, it was a tough decision of where to go, but I had loved Chefchaoen so very much the first time, and given the opportunity to show around some friends who hadn't been there before, I jumped at the chance. We made a short trip of it- just going Saturday and returning Sunday, but it was absolutely worth it. The ride up through the countryside

was gorgeous as can be,

and when we got there we headed up to the rooftop balcony from which I had watched the sun set the last time. Well, we arrived a little early and had some tea while we waited for sunset. When it got to be about time, I got up and walked to the end of the balcony (the best view around the next door house), and as I discovered possibly the most beautiful sunset of my life,

the call to prayer begins going off and echoing between the mountains. I tried to capture that moment here, though my crappy cinematography takes away, you get the idea of just how magical this moment was.

We spent the rest of our brief time in Chaoen eating some good food

(this Moroccan salad, now my favorite thing, is full of things I wouldn't eat before leaving- please make note) and hanging out in our hostel. We made a few feline friends while eating

and did some shopping for last minute gifts before heading home. The thing I will remember most from this trip is certainly that moment on the balcony, though. It may be one of my greatest in Morocco.

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  1. I've really enjoyed following your blog in Morocco, Erin. Have a safe trip home!

    Jill A. (Starla's mom)