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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Madrid Weekend!

When given the opportunity to buy a dirt cheap flight to Spain, I usually take it. This is how I ended up in Madrid last weekend with fourteen other AUI students. It was quite a trip.

We got in on Friday night, had some late supper at a Mexican restaurant (because what else does one do in Spain?) and headed back to the hotel.

The next morning we set out to explore the town and shop (the H&M around the corner was a huge time suck). We saw some street skaters on the Plaza del Sol,

followed by a mariachi band,

and then had a tiny beer

before continuing onward to the Plaza Mayor.

Here we saw the first of many Winnie the Pooh's in Madrid,

a rusted man,

and had a man with an obnoxious voice-changing toy follow us for ten minutes.

We then headed out past this pretty church about which I know nothing

and headed to the park.

This park was evidently Mickey's and Minnie's favorite hangout.

We enjoyed the lake scene

possibly a little too much

and then met some friends for a picnic.

Then we headed out past this cool walkway thing

enjoyed the subway art gallery

and headed past Stonehenge 2.0

towards the Royal Palace,

and passed the highly understated Senate on the way.

We then headed back to the hotel but not without running into a floating woman.

Sunday we finished off with the art museums, seeing Piccaso's Guernica

and caught a peek at a wall garden

before catching the subway back towards the airport. Despite Madrid's being a new city with few historical sights, we enjoyed our time none-the-less shopping, sightseeing, and riding the world's best metro system.

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